Resources for Translators

Useful resources for legal translation


Legal translators need reliable information sources about the legal system of both their source and target language. The following blogs include linguistic and legal information that is particularly interesting for translators:
Traducción jurídica. Ruth Gómez and Fernando Cuñado are law graduates and legal translators. In their blog, they include posts about common law, as well as comprehensive explanations legal terminology. They also have a newsletter, which allows subscribers access to additional resources.
Legally Yours from Spain. Rob Lunn works from Spanish into British English, and is specialized in legal translation.In his blog, he includes information about terminology, reflections on the Spanish legal system from a British translator point of view and resources for legal translators.
Francés jurídico para aguacates. Lucie Davioud, lawyer specialized in legal translation, offers in her blog resources about legal French and the French legal system. He also shares ideas about training for legal translators and organizes courses through her other website, Le Glosa, which includes comparative analysis between the Spanish and French legal systems.
Bitácora de traducción jurídica. Although she has not updated it for some time, in this blog Alicia Martorell contains many interesting resources for the legal translator: posts about documentation, legal language or sworn translation.


European e-Justice Portal. This web is an excellent information source about the European Union law and also about the member states law: case-law, the justice system, law on succession, crime law, commerce law… It also contains a glossaries and terminology section, with resources like the IATE y and EUROVOC.
Legifrance. This website from the French government collects French legislation. It also contains a section with translations into several languages, including Spanish.
A guide to UK legal system. This is a perfect website to look for information about the British legal system.
It provides links to information sources on laws and case-law, amongst other items.
Legal Information Institute. Website from Cornell College where you can find information about the United States legal system. It also contains a legal encyclopedia.


Terminologia jurídica. This website includes a search engine for Catalan legal terminology and a section of terminology questions.
The Law Dictionary. Online Dictionary which contains the terms from the second edition of the prestigious Black’s Law Dictionary.
Juridictionnaire. Website from the Canadian government where it is possible to search for terminology, as well as a directory of legal translation resources.